American Podcast is hosted by Shane Simonsen. It’s interview styled show, based on the premise that we all have different passions, experiences, hopes, and dreams. But, there are some things that bind us together. Hopefully the listener is able to learn about themselves from someone else’s experience.

Episode 2 Lisa Mitts – Multi Genre Singer Songwriter

Lisa Mitts is currently nominated for a number of independent music awards. We discuss her early years in music, transitioning from being a worship leader in Israel to a celebrated independent singer-songwriter. We talk about the recording process, making music videos and why she appreciates being referred to as being a multi-genre artist.

We discuss how Lisa’s Jewish heritage mixes with her Christian faith. We learn how Lisa’s experience with trauma contributed to an award winning music video, and how her ministry is working to help the victims of sex trafficking. We learn how Lisa and her husbands search for truth led to their writing multiple books, starting a ministry and moving to Israel at one point and back to the Seattle area.

Click to read about my work with Lisa on her Music Video “To Be Loved”

Samuel Pyke
Samuel Pyke operating camera in New Zealand for Frontier Unlimited.

Episode 1 – Samuel Pyke – Outdoor Director of Photography

The first episode of American Podcast features Samuel Pyke. He currently produces Frontier Unlimited and Day One Outdoors. On this episode we learn how Samuel went from making movies with his brothers, in their Central Oregon backyard, to traveling the world, telling stories with a lens. We discuss the film industry, storytelling, hunting, ethics and pursuing a career that honors one’s faith, hopes and passions. We discuss having a proper work/life balance, and why sometimes the best tool or the job isn’t a popular choice.