“To Be Loved” Music Video for Lisa Mitts

There are amazing opportunities for artists to use video to reach fans, old and new. Especially when they have new music to share. Check out my recent music video project with acclaimed independent singer-songwriter Lisa Mitts to get some ideas on how to create content for your own music project.

First Contact

Lisa Mitts first contacted me through a referral in 2018. She wanted to record a few of her latest songs, and feature one of them in a music video. I quickly referred her to producer/engineer Matt Terjeson, and mapped out a plan for a number of videos to go along with the project.

Into The Studio

Lisa recorded two singles; “See the Scars” and “To Be Loved.” Both songs feature Taylor Enloe on guitars and Luke Peterson on drums. I knew this was a great opportunity to capture some solid footage, so I joined them in the studio. I am pleased with the results! While it doesn’t feature use all the footage, I have it on file should Lisa want to use it in the future.

“See The Scars” by Lisa Mitts — iTunes Promo from Shane Simonsen on Vimeo.

Documenting Progress

Documenting an event can be a great investment. It’s a way to stretch the return on the money you are already spending. Consider the video or photos you walk away with to be an asset. Typically your additional cost would simply be the day rate of your videographer and/or photographer. The footage can be used in the future for any number of things. And, believe me, you will be glad you have it!

Here is a look at a Behind the Scenes Documentary I produced for Keith Cox and Larry Marciano. It was Keith’s idea to have a pro photographer on set, as well as create a behind the scenes documentary. This stretches the investment and provides the artist with multiple assets for promotion:

Making The Video — Larry Marciano’s “There’s Always Rain” from Shane Simonsen on Vimeo.

Shooting Within Budget

The themes in “To Be Loved” can easily be envisioned on a grand scale. However, the budget was limited. Thich is normal. While independent music is some of the best stuff out there, the budgets for these projects are often small.

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I worked with Lisa to plan out a suitable vision for the music video while staying within budget. I am always looking for film locations as I travel and knew of some spots on the Washington Coast that offered relatively easy access, in a short amount of time.

We settled on some beautiful beach locations and elevated roadways that had a view of the Ocean. I upgraded my hotel package in order to use the room as a location, which turned out great.

We shot the principle shots of Lisa on a Friday and Saturday in late February. I returned the following weekend with Chris Sawiel of Savy Drones to capture the corresponding drone shots.

Stretching the Investment

Lisa wisely brought along photographer, Lisa Suter, to capture some images for promotion. I also provided Lisa with a number of frame grabs from the video that she has used as well. I recommend artists photograph any large event they are a part of. For the most part it is a way to leverage the art direction and production value they’ve already been invested in.

You may have heard the term “Content is King.” Well, more than ever this statement is true. People are hungry for content to consume on their mobile devices and smart TVs. The next time you are doing something of note for your brand, make sure to write about it, make a video about or at least post a picture about it on your social media! If it doesn’t make sense why you should do this, feel free to contact me and I’d be glad to help sort it out for you.

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A Fruitful Harvest

The music video turned out great, with wide acclaim from her fan base and my own, with thousands of views on Facebook. Lisa went on to be nominated for multiple awards in 2019.

Lisa has been nominated for Vocalist of the Year & Artist of the year in the Multi Genre Category of the 2019 Josie Music Awards in Nashville, which is one of the worlds largest independent music award shows. She was also nominated for four awards at the ISSA (International Singer-Songwriters Association) Awards to be held on August 3rd, 2019. The Music Video for “To Be Loved” is nominated for a Josie Award.

Learn More About Lisa Mitts on American Podcast

If you weren’t already aware, I also host a podcast from time to time, which allows me to interview people that I find interesting in the context of the greater American story. I featured Lisa on the second episode of American Podcast in July of 2019. I asked Lisa about her early years in music, how she transitioned from being a worship leader in Israel to a celebrated independent singer-songwriter. We talked about the recording process, and why she appreciates being referred to as being a multi-genre artist. Lisa shared how her¬†experience with trauma contributed to an award winning music video, and how her ministry is working to help the victims of sex trafficking.

Listen to the podcast below, which can also be found on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, and most any other podcast provider. Just search for “American Podcast Shane Simonsen.”

I Love Working with Musicians

Being a singer-songwriter and video-professional, I enjoy working on music related content. Whether it’s a behind the scenes documentary, or music video, there are so many creative options to explore through video and film! So, if you are interested in creating some video content, contact me today, and let’s see what we can create!

What About Your Story?

Do you have new music that you’d like to share with the world? Or maybe some old songs that could use a breath of fresh air? How do you see video as being relevant these days? Leave your thoughts in a comment below.

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